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    Basketball Futures Betting, NBA, NCAA Odds & Lines at Bodog Sportsbook

    Tuesday, April 28, 2015 (Times shown in Eastern Daylight Time)
    Odds to win 2015 Eastern Conference 
    All wagers have action.
    2015 NBA Championship - Exact Matchup 
    Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors
    Cleveland Cavaliers vs San Antonio Spurs
    Cleveland Cavaliers vs Los Angeles Clippers
    Cleveland Cavaliers vs Houston Rockets
    Cleveland Cavaliers vs Memphis Grizzlies
    Cleveland Cavaliers vs Portland Trailblazers
    Cleveland Cavaliers vs Dallas Mavericks
    Atlanta Hawks vs Golden State Warriors
    Atlanta Hawks vs San Antonio Spurs
    Atlanta Hawks vs Los Angeles Clippers
    Atlanta Hawks vs Houston Rockets
    Atlanta Hawks vs Memphis Grizzlies
    Atlanta Hawks vs Portland Trailblazers
    Atlanta Hawks vs Dallas Mavericks
    Chicago Bulls vs Golden State Warriors
    Chicago Bulls vs San Antonio Spurs
    Chicago Bulls vs Los Angeles Clippers
    Chicago Bulls vs Houston Rockets
    Chicago Bulls vs Memphis Grizzlies
    Chicago Bulls vs Portland Trailblazers
    Chicago Bulls vs Dallas Mavericks
    Washington Wizards vs Golden State Warriors
    Washington Wizards vs San Antonio Spurs
    Washington Wizards vs Houston Rockets
    Washington Wizards vs Memphis Grizzlies
    Washington Wizards vs Portland Trailblazers
    Washington Wizards vs Dallas Mavericks
    Brooklyn Nets vs Golden State Warriors
    Brooklyn Nets vs San Antonio Spurs
    Brooklyn Nets vs Los Angeles Clippers
    Brooklyn Nets vs Houston Rockets
    Brooklyn Nets vs Memphis Grizzlies
    Brooklyn Nets vs Portland Trailblazers
    Brooklyn Nets vs Dallas Mavericks
    Milwaukee Bucks vs Golden State Warriors
    Milwaukee Bucks vs San Antonio Spurs
    Milwaukee Bucks vs Los Angeles Clippers
    Milwaukee Bucks vs Houston Rockets
    Milwaukee Bucks vs Memphis Grizzlies
    Milwaukee Bucks vs Portland Trailblazers
    Milwaukee Bucks vs Dallas Mavericks
    Washington Wizards vs Los Angeles Clippers
    Wednesday, April 29, 2015 (Times shown in Eastern Daylight Time)
    Thursday, April 30, 2015 (Times shown in Eastern Daylight Time)


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