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    NFL Football Betting Lines, NFL Odds, NFL Football Bets at Bodog Sportsbook


    There are currently no sports betting odds or lines available for the sport you've selected. Either there are no open events available on which to bet at this time, or the sport is not in season. Our sportsbook lines are updated frequently – check back soon! In the meantime, here are other odds and lines available:

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    Learn More About NFL In-Play Betting

    The bigger the plays, the hotter the action, and the more you need to be part of it. The NFL doesn’t slow down for anyone and Bodog NFL Betting keeps you at pace with every pulse-pounding second of the game. You’ll be hanging on to every big pass and every bone-crushing hit because any play can be a game-changer.

    With Bodog NFL In-Play Betting, whether it’s a momentous interception or a receiver breaking away for a heart-stopping 85-yard touchdown catch, you’ll be ready to capitalize on the changing odds. No more only just betting on NFL point spreads before the game or at halftime; now you can bet at anytime during the game from the opening kickoff to the final whistle.

    With Bodog In-Play Betting, the odds adjust during every break in the action and those adjustments are based completely on what’s going on in the game. Plus, the features of this page guarantee that you will see real-time updates without having to reload the page. Also available are user-friendly arrows that indicate whether the odds have gone up or down and a circular icon to indicate which team has possession of the ball.

    It doesn’t stop there – NFL In-Play Betting also includes lines that are usually found only on our Live Betting page. How many interceptions will be thrown in this quarter and whether the next play will be a run or a pass are just two examples of lines that are now available on the In-Play Betting page. Strap on the pads and get into gridiron action now.

    If you have any questions, our Customer Service team is available 24/7. They will answer any questions you may have and then, when you’ve got all the information, check out our latest lines in our sportsbook to place your picks.


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    Looking for a specific line or point spread? Our sportsbook lines are updated frequently - check back soon!


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