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    Using Bodog Mobile

    1. Using your phone's browser, go to
    2. Click 'Login' on the top-right of the page
    3. Enter your Account ID or email and password
    4. Choose your sport, or 'Live Betting'
    5. Enter your desired amount to bet under 'Risk'
    6. Select "Place Wagers", and then "Yes" to confirm your bet.


    Be everywhere with Bodog

    Bet sports on the go, including Bodog Live and In-Play as the game is played. Our mobile site lets you deposit and place wagers on games directly from your smartphone or tablet.


    Hardware / Software Requirements

    Bodog Mobile is iOS and Android-friendly. Using your smartphone or tablet, access directly from your Safari or Browser app and start betting.



    How much does Bodog Mobile cost?

    Bodog Mobile is free to use, with no download required - all you need are the funds in your account to place your bets.

    Any additional charges that you may incur relate to the data fees and roaming fees applied by your network provider. We recommend that you contact your provider for more information.


    How do I know if my bet has been successfully placed?

    You can review your bets placed and bets settled under the ‘My Bets’ tab located at the bottom of your screen.


    What do I do if I forget my Account ID or password?

    Remember, Bodog also accepts email addresses; attempt logging in using your password and the same email address you used to register. Still need help? Call 1-877-263-6422, or email

    Alternatively, on your computer, visit Select ‘Sign in’ from the top-right of the page, and then ‘Forgot your account number?’ or ‘Forgot your password?’


    How do I signup, deposit or request a payout?

    You can signup and deposit on the go by using Bodog Mobile.

    The payout feature is not currently available. To request a payout, call 1-877-263-6422 or log in at, and select ‘Payout’ at the top-left of the page.