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Sports Betting in Canada

Sports betting in Canada started with provincial sports lotteries. You could walk to a corner store and put some money on your favourite teams. There was just one catch, since betting was restricted to lottery regulations, multiple games had to be included in a bet. There was no option for single-game events. That all changed in 1994 with the founding of Bodog, an online sports betting and entertainment platform. At Bodog Sportsbook, you can bet online on single games with better odds than what you’d find at the provincial lotteries, and there’s more variety. You’ll find major leagues (NHL, NFL, NBA) and many others as well.

Online Sports Betting: How to Bet Online


There are many ways to get into sports betting online at Bodog. For single games, you can bet the spread, moneyline and total. This can all be done on your primary computer and on your smartphone; mobile sports betting in Canada has become very popular. With the spread, there’s a margin of victory that the favoured team must cover. There’s no spread with the moneyline; simply pick the team you think will win the game straight up, and if you get it right, you get paid. As for the total, it focuses on the number of points or goals scored in the game. The oddsmaker determines a number, and you bet on the actual score going over or under the oddsmaker’s prediction. These bets are available in the sportsbook before games begin and in the Live Betting window after the game starts.

Another way to bet on your favourite teams is through props and futures. Props are like side bets that enrich the betting experience. As opposed to betting on the outcome of a game, you’re betting on things like which player will score first. There are so many different props available—especially for big events like the Super Bowl and World Cup.

Major tournaments always offer futures odds to the public in advance. As soon as one championship ends, odds for the next season’s championship are posted for early birds wanting the extra value that comes from long-term betting. At any time in the year, you can bet on the next Super Bowl winner. Odds are updated as the season progresses, and as teams get eliminated from contention, they’re removed from the futures odds board.

NFL Odds


Betting on the NFL continues to grow in popularity year after year, with the 2018 Super Bowl bringing in more bets than any other major event. After all, there’s no better way to enhance the Super Bowl experience than putting money on your favourite team and potentially winning alongside them.

The NFL odds in our sportsbook use American odds and offer spread, moneyline, and totals betting for single games. You can also explore a multitude of team, player, and game props that pop up throughout the season and combine bets through parlays. At any time, a futures bet can be placed on the team you think will win the Super Bowl.

NBA Odds


Basketball betting is popular year-round in our sportsbook. Pre-season, you can bet on the next NBA Championship winner in the futures section. Once the season starts, wagers can be placed on individual games using the game line NBA odds for the spread, moneyline, and totals. For bigger bang for your buck, consider parlaying lines together—just keep in mind all the bets must win for the parlay to pay out.

Standard NBA props are available in the regular season, and in the postseason, even more become available. Props give you an opportunity to hedge your bets in a creative way, so be sure to check them out when filling out your bet slips.

NHL Odds


It comes as no surprise that Canadians are avid hockey fans and hockey bettors. Whether it’s betting on the eventual Stanley Cup winner in the futures section, or taking game line NHL odds, Canadians get invested in their favourite teams.

Hockey offers a form of spread betting called the puck-line. Unlike typical spreads, the puck-line is always the same (+ or —1.5 goals). To balance the betting, the odds attached to each team are adjusted. If you want to forget the spread altogether and simply pick a team to win outright, bet the moneyline. But keep in mind, to balance the action, the payouts for heavy favourites will be lower on the moneyline than the puck-line. A third option for single games is total betting, which asks you to wager on whether you think both teams in a game will score more or fewer goals than the number set by the oddsmaker. The choice is yours. Test your hockey insights.